5 reasons why Kirkland Car Battery is Your Best Choice

Your car battery is the life support for your car. If you love your car, you need to love its battery equally strongly. This makes it necessary that you go in for one of the best in the industry. The Kirkland Car Battery, the signature brand of Costco, has proffered several reasons to make it known to be one of the most preferred car batteries. Let us take a look at 5 of the most important reasons why it endears itself to car owners as the best value car battery.

kirkland car battery


Kirkland Car Battery manufacturers follow a detailed and scientific method of performance testing to deliver the best performing batteries for your car. They base their testing procedures on three parameters, namely, Life, Reserve Capacity and CCA.

Life helps to rate the battery depending upon its capacity to endure charge and discharge cycles in a high voltage environment. The more the number of cycles endured, the higher the score.

The Reserve Capacity is the ability for the car to run on batteries alone in the event that the charging system is incapacitated. Kirkland batteries have often been found to display 120-130 RC a significantly healthy rating.

CCA or the Cold Cramp Amp rating ensures that the battery is geared with sufficient energy when the engine is cold. The claimed CCA ratings for Kirkland batteries have known to be 640 which ensure great performance.

The rigorous testing procedures followed for Kirkland batteries ensure that it churns out superb performance and great amp hour ratings. A sufficiently strong reason to get your car fitted with it.

Good for Cold Weather

 As a consequence of its CCA ratings, a Kirkland Car Battery provides excellent support to your car in cold weather. Its CCA readings of 640 ensure that you are able to start your car even in freezing conditions without any hitch. A rare attribute found in few car batteries.

Customer Service

The Kirkland brand of batteries, like several others, is manufactured by Johnson Controls. However, they are sold under the retail services of Costco. Being a signature brand of Costco, a Kirkland Car Battery promises excellent post sales service.

Moreover, the huge network of Costco found in convenient locations helps in ensuring its easy availability. There have been instances where customers have reached their help desks with a 13 month old battery that turned bad. There was instant attendance to the matter in the form of replacing the old battery with a new one as well as refunding money owing to price changes that have occurred in the interim period. Such promptness and diligence in rendering quality service has won over customers time and again.


 A Kirkland Car Battery is reasonably priced. The lowest priced battery available at Costco comes at $66. 99. The batteries provide 760 amps of power which includes 610 CCA at 320F. The most expensive Kirkland battery available at Costco comes at $94.99. They offer 1,000 amps of power, including 850 amps CCA. All this indicates an extremely good value for money considering the quality and performance it provides at these costs.

 Excellent Warranty Service

 The best part about fitting your car with a Kirkland car battery is that you get to avail the fantastic warranty service that it provides. The signature battery warranty service is not pro-rata. Users are eligible to get a full refund of the entire purchase price if the battery fails to function due to any reason. There is, however a caveat to this, that a buyer of the battery need to be a Costco member in order to avail of this service.

When car performance is something you are dealing with a good battery life is always desired. Moreover, you hit the jackpot when you get all that at a reasonable price supplemented with an excellent warranty service. The Kirkland Car battery, a signature brand of Costco, packed with all these goodies ensures you get more value for your money.

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