5 reasons Why Kirkland Car Battery is The Best

Your battery is the support for your car. If you love your automobile, you need to love its battery. This makes it necessary that you go in to your local tire or service store for one of the best in this select technology industry. The Kirkland Car Battery, the signature brand of Costco store, has offered several reasons to make it known to be one of the best batteries. Let us take a look at 5 reasons why people love them.

kirkland car battery


Kirkland Car Battery manufacturers follow a scientific test of performance testing to deliver the best batteries for your car. They base their testing on three areas, namely, Life, Reserve Capacity and CCA.

It helps to rate it depending upon its capacity to endure charge and discharge cycles in a high voltage environment. The more the number of cycles endured, the higher the score.

The Reserve Capacity is how your automobile runs on batteries alone in case the charging isn’t running. These batteries have often been found to display 120-130 RC a really good rating.

CCA rating ensures that the it’s is geared with enough power when the engine is cold. The claimed CCA ratings for auto batteries have known to be 640 which ensure performance.

The testing for vehicle batteries ensure that it puts out good performance and great amp hour ratings. A strong reason to get your car with it.

Good for Cold Weather

As a consequence of its CCA ratings, a Kirkland Car Battery provides excellent support to your vehicle in cold weather. Its CCA readings of 640 ensure that you are able to start and store your auto even in freezing conditions without any problem. A rare feature found in few batteries.

Customer Service

This replacement brand of batteries, like several others, is manufactured by Johnson Controls. However, they are sold under the retail services of Costco stores. Being a signature brand of Costco, they offer excellent post sales service and you can usually buy them direct from their store. They’re a nice thing to put on your Costco credit card and get the points.

Moreover, the large network of Costco found in convenient locations helps in ensuring its in stock. There have been times where customers have gotten to their help desks with a 13 month old battery that gone bad. They replaced the old one with a new one as well as refunding money to price changes that have occurred in the that period. Such diligence in giving quality service has gained customers time and again.


A Kirkland Car Battery is reasonably priced. The lowest priced one at Costco comes at $66. 99. The batteries provide 760 amps of power which includes 610 CCA at 320F. The most expensive Kirkland ones at Costco comes at $94.99. They offer 1,000 amps of power, including 850 amps CCA. All this indicates a good value for money considering the quality and performance it provides at these costs. Usually about the price of a tire.

Excellent Warranty Service

The best sign of a good service is their battery is that you get for the nice warranty service that it provides. The signature battery warranty service is not prorated. Users are eligible to get a full refund of the entire purchase price if it fails to work due to any reason. There is, however a caveat to this, that a purchaser of the battery need to be a Costco member in order to get this service. Repair is never a problem with this level of care year round.

When auto performance is something you are dealing with a good battery is always better. Moreover, you get a deal when you get all that at a good price supplemented with an excellent warranty service. The Kirkland battery, a signature brand of Costco,  with all these extras ensures you get more value for your money.

Insterstate battery is a top store year after year, but it can be hard to find a good deal. I like the kirkland brand these days because the retail price, lead acid, replacement battery at the local costco and their cold cranking amp. They have a better rebate than duracell and diehard. You never want your technology and electronics to go out on the interstate, but it’s good to know they will allow you to do a return.
The replacement warranty of a month free replacement with kirkland signature and kirkland interstate is better than the interstate brand free replacement. You can see on facebook twitter and yelp. This is the best deep cycle costco battery. Great 12 month warranty.

The previous privacy notice is just to note that the consumer item I bought was the average issue from the warehouse. I used it in my truck after a switch and thought my pickup was a sport vehicle. I remember a tip a friend gave me when I started. I should prorate my account to get direct supply pricing reserved. I’ve had a paid maintenence membership since I left the installation experience. While I don’t carry it anymore on my boat, it’s less expensive than a gas filter. Just watch your volts.

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